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Field Trip to Mars, Mars Features on Earth
is a self-guided excursion to view various sites located on or near the central plateau of Washington that correlate to features found on Mars. The tour has a General Interest section and a Just for Kids section with a scavenger hunt and quizzes. Click image or here to go to Field Trip to Mars.

New moons for Neptune! Click here Neptune Facts for more.

Click to go to Kidscosmos.orgKid's Cosmos is bringing astronomy to the classroom...
Our programs are designed as a multi-curriculum, hands-on approach to learning for both students and teachers. By integrating math, reading, creative writing and science, Kids' Cosmos is helping educators prepare today's youth for tomorrow's challenges.

Click to enter Student CenterClick image to enter the Student Center. The Student Center allows students to explore the solar system and planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Our sun, stars, constellations, nebulae and basic astronomy information is included as well as space exploration, scientific notation and lots more...

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